These weeks keep rushing by me and just about every other day I think of something I want to write about and before I know it - another week has passed.

I'm busy at the shop on Grand Avenue today, but decided to stop for a moment and write.  It clears my head and reconnects me with mySelf.  I recently saw an Oprah episode with Shirley MacLaine.  She spoke about how everything seems to be speeding up, and the audience agreed, so did I.  I have felt like the last few years have been a blur and have stated out loud "some one or some thing is messing around with time, literally!  time is moving faster!"  Yes the seconds are still seconds and the hours are still hours - but they just seem to be moving faster.  It's some kind of trickery, I'm sure.  And then when I heard Shirley tie it in to 2012 I said "ah  ha!"  She said that there is an extraordinary alignment of the stars in 2012 and it is making everything happen very quickly.  I'm paraphrasing and probably putting my own philosophical edge on this, but it's all about either moving into alignment with yourSelf...or not.  There are those of us who are "waking up" to our true nature, everlasting energy Spirits, Souls, whatever you want to name "it"; and there are some who are not ready to wake up to that yet (and that's ok too!).  So many things seem to be aligning themselves; business, politics, the environment; and some of the energy of alignment is disruptive and almost violent.  Don't let the manner in which the energy is correcting itself disturb your higher consciousness, instead tune in to your intuition and know that through this all, all is well.

Google Oprah and Shirley MacLaine.  Watch the show if you feel inclined.  It truly was amazing.  The hair on my entire body stood on end.  I felt absolutely energized after watching it and have thought of it many times since.  

Have a Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring!  Align yourself with yourSelf and look at all others around you knowing that they are probably trying to do the same in their own way.  And celebrate it all!

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