Someone must be fooling around with "time" because the days seem to be going faster than they ever have!  We are preparing for the upcoming Holidays and I'm really excited to share with you that we have a new item to offer.  I was introduced to a new product on the market called Whey-low, made from, you got it, whey!  It's a sugar substitute that replaces granular sugar one for one and actually tastes really good!  There are no chemicals or strange ingredients; basically fructose and lactose (no sucrose).  It's safe for both Type 1 & 2 diabetes and for those with sugar or dietary restrictions.  

 We taste-tested it with our customers over the past few months and the reviews are great.  People say they can't tell the difference and it doesn't leave an after-taste.  We have it available at our Grand Avenue and Galleria locations - and of course you can call us.  We are offering in both McCall's Classic and McCall's Dark to start.  

People have been asking for us "sugar free" toffee for years  - well it's here!  So please come taste!  Make this Holiday a little sweeter for those in your life who have diabetes or dietary restrictions.

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11/30/2011 commented by JOAN W.

We can NOT wait to get there!! What a WONDERFUL addition to your toffee selections! Now, my husband can also enjoy the wonderful taste treat the rest of the family enjoy's. THANK YOU!! Joan W.