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Terrific Toffee, The Old-Fashioned Way
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And for a good our outtakes
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Watch Terry & Michael at their shop on Grand Avenue.
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My pick is Terry’s Toffee in Lavenilla (a mix of lavender and vanilla covered in chocolate) $29.99 per pound, Terry’s Toffee, 1117 W. Grand Avenue.
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Trump's Terry's Toffee
Chicago Sun Times - view article

The sweets make an ideal holiday gift--when the toffee's all gone, the swanky lacquered box remains.
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"I feel more authentic than I've ever felt, and I believe the more people know that feeling, the more we'll create a world with less negativity and anger." - view article

"...this is what toffee was meant to taste like."
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"Sea-salt sprinkled chocolate...Cran-Orange Passion is a delightful culinary creation from gourmet chocolatier Terry Opalek."
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"Our Fab Hot List: More Reasons to Love Chicago."
Chicago Social Magazine

"Something delicious to remind you how sweet sweetness can be."
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"...delicious concoctions."
The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles

"...won us over with its buttery texture, rich chocolate and the sheer inventiveness of its flavor."
Chicago Tribune

"...what's there not to love about Terry's Toffee? ...Opening a box smells better than walking into Maison du Chocolate in Paris"
Robert Shapiro, Producer

"The Mazel Toffee is OUTRAGEOUS!"
Lenny Kravitz, Musician

"I want more toffee - now!"
Sean Hayes, Actor