Biscotti 3 Pack

Biscotti 3 Pack


One of each for the curious.

McCall’s Classic 

Traditional biscotti covered in milk chocolate and topped with crumbled McCall’s Classic toffee. This classic toffee recipe is blended with California slivered almonds, coated in our favorite milk chocolate and dusted with Georgia pecans.   

Lemon Paradise

Biscotti infused with lemon oil and macadamia nuts, all layered with white chocolate and a dusting of our Lemon Paradise toffee. This toffee recipe is blended with a gentle lemon twist, hand-cracked Hawaiian macadamia nuts and layered with 31% cocoa butter white chocolate. 


Biscotti infused with California orange oil and dried New England cranberries. Topped off with a drizzle of dark chocolate and Cran-Orange Passion toffee.

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