Green Lacquer Box

Green Lacquer Box


Our bamboo lacquer boxes are made by Vietnamese artisans, who create a lustrous finish by applying silver leaf beneath many coats of clear lacquer. Supporting a centuries-old traditional craft and quality reusable packaging, these lacquer boxes embody our commitment to artisanal processes and elevated quality

Our small lacquer box includes a 1lb assortment of Terry’s Toffee:

  • McCall’s Classic Grandmother McCall’s classic toffee recipe is blended with California slivered almonds, coated in our favorite milk chocolate and dusted with the Georgia pecans.  

  • McCall’s Dark Our classic almond toffee coated in our favorite dark chocolate and dusted with Georgia pecans. 

  • Lavenilla Calming and smooth. Hints of lavender and vanilla oils blended with nut-free toffee and coated in 31% cocoa butter white chocolate.

  • Pretzel & Sea Salt The perfect combo of salty and sweet with, crushed pretzels, sea salt, dark chocolate.

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