Sampler Mix

Sampler Mix


Curious? This assortment covers the flavor range of our toffees from traditional to inventive. Includes McCall's Classic, Chai-cago Spice and Lemon Paradise. 

McCall’s Classic

Where it all started. Grandmother McCall’s classic toffee recipe is blended with California slivered almonds, coated in our favorite milk chocolate and dusted with the Georgia pecans.  

Chai-cago Spice

Our family toffee recipe blended with the warming goodness of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and pepper toffee, and layered with creamy dark chocolate.

Lemon Paradise

Crisp and refreshing. Toffee with a gentle lemon twist and blended with hand-cracked Hawaiian macadamia nuts. Finished with a layer of 31% cocoa butter white chocolate. A top seller. 

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